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Export success for Aussie software company
02/11/2005 - An Australian owned and based software development company has achieved remarkable export retail success in Europe and Japan. Now it's about to be thrust into the toughest market on the planet.

Ironically, this success is all because of its presence in cyberspace. As a result, more than 90 percent of its $1.2 million sales is offshore.

GetData's RecoverMyFiles and ExplorerView this month goes head-to-head with Microsoft, Symantec and other major software companies in the cut-throat US Christmas retail market. Not bad for the two former police forensic investigators and the physicist who developed the software.

"We specialise in data recovery software. Lost or destroyed files, accidentally or deliberately deleted, is a serious and universal problem. People found us on the Net and started downloading RecoverMyFiles," GetData director Graham Henley explains.

"We began to get good sales in some European territories, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, then Italy and Spain. The Japanese market found us and we started getting approaches from distributors wanting to put our product on retail shelves."

The three directors/developers, Henley and brothers John and Dr Brett Hunter, suddenly found themselves negotiating international distribution deals, arranging non-English language versions and approving box designs for various territories.

Graham and John met while working as corporate forensic investigators for PriceWaterhouseCoopers recovering destroyed or deleted files involving some of the nation's biggest corporate failures, including HIH and One-Tel.

"The experience digging through thousands of computer files taught us a lot," Graham says.

"We then were able to develop new techniques with Brett and I believe took data recovery to a new level. The feedback we've had from people around the world, saying they had all but given up the possibility of recovering certain files or photos, has been very satisfying."

John Hunter had spent nine years as a New South Wales police officer attached to the Special Technical Investigations Section as a senior computer forensics examiner and then with PricewaterhouseCoopers Asia Pacific Computer Forensics Team.

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